This is where it's at!  Professional work and affordable!

Social media has taken over the world and if you are a business than you realize that your presence is required in these platforms.  That if you are not on social media then you are not competing.  You want your content to reflect your business yet you don't have the tools and skills to create your own professional looking material and you can't afford agency and production rates that are offered to you in the industry. 

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The packages above will ensure that you have a constant stream of high-quality original social media content that will last you for a whole month (or longer depending on which package you choose) keeping your customers and followers engaged.

These packages include idea generation and creative development inspired by your voice, your business. We sit down together giving me the opportunity to listen to who you are and what your goals are.  My goal is to amplify your voice for you through the content we create together.  Your social media pages will be clean, stylish and consistent.  Your page will be taken to the next level, your voice will be heard because of the consistent posting of great content making you the 'go to' for your area of business.  That is the key to success on social media.   Your unique voice is your power and tie that in with momentum and you will achieve social media success!


 · Docu-style · Tutorial · Narrative · Event · Interviews · Testimonials · Product Promotion · Call to Action ·


· Creative Content · Portraits · People · Products · Lifestyle ·

Here is a great example of taking your business to the next level with social media content.  I created 150 videos for one client over a 5 month period.  This is a compilation video to give you an idea on how diverse you can be with your content. Also, this launch video is a great way to let your followers know of what is to come. Exciting your base, giving them incentive to keep checking your page and a wonderful way to add new followers.



I take photos that are organic, real and taken in natural light giving you a natural look.   The aim is to bring out the best in you and that never happens in a stuffy studio with those harsh lights.  It ends up looking very disconnected and corporate, the last thing you want to share on social media.  We make it fun, traveling all over LA/Malibu to give you your best photos!

  • All selected images in the packages will be retouched and adjusted.

  • You can have as many wardrobe changes as you like.

  • You can keep all of the photos taken from that day.

  • You will not be rushed with time so you can set your own hours.

  • You will provide your own make- up artist if needed.

  • If you would like more photos to be retouched than offered in the packaged amount, there will be a charge of $20 for each photo.

  • You will be coached into your best photos and it will be easy and fun


Sometimes all you need is you and the camera.  These packages are created for the speaker in you.  Do you have something to say and it’s just a simple, straight to the camera delivery in 60 seconds?  Is it just testimonials that you need? Well these are your packages!

10 videos - $1,500

20 videos - $2,500

30 videos- $3,500



  • Videos- Bear in mind that when videos are completed, there will be one opportunity to re-edit and change shots, tagline, etc. Editing can make or break a video, and good editing takes time (turn around is 3-4 weeks from shoot date depending on package).

  • Any additional edits after the one round will be charged a $200 fee.

  • Photos- You will given all of your photos and you can choose which photos are to be retouched. If you would like more photos to be retouched than offered in the packaged amount, there will be a charge of $20 for each photo.

  • The length of time for these videos are recommended to begin at 30 seconds and cannot be longer than 1 minute for Instagram and no longer than 3 minutes for Facebook.

The client provides:

To keep these rates manageable I request that the client cover the cost of certain items themselves.

  • Hair and make-up

  • Clothes (I will provide wardrobe consultation)

  • Props: any specific decorative items are to be supplied by our clients.

  • if needed, talent costs

  • purchase of music so the business owner can the permission for usage